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18. Sep 2004 @ 13:57
i havent updated in a while..im just sttin here bored, its fuckin rainin on a saturday. im sleepin over alys tonight, yay. im glad cause her and me havent had a sleep over in a long time. also, my dad said we were getting chinese tonight. you all know how mch i love chinese, lol. i am hoe alone, except for my sleeping cats and seeping mother...im SO bored!! well i cant type much cause i burned my thumb, and its hard to type with the bandage. so ,yeah. bye
this sex is: lonelylonely
pot tunes: ppl talking on the tv

yup 20. Aug 2004 @ 13:14
i am at ally's house. she just got back from vacation. i just made her a member of this community. so now it is nikki, ally, amanda and myself. YUP
this sex is: crazycrazy
pot tunes: sublime

19. Aug 2004 @ 20:32
ok, uhm this is liz, whoever wants to join, just ask nikki or myself.

i really do not know what i to say, i just know that this community needed more entrys...
this sex is: boredbored
pot tunes: "friday im in love" the cure

16. Aug 2004 @ 13:59

first entry 16. Aug 2004 @ 13:57
coffee kicks ass
this sex is: accomplished
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